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Project Registration

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Scan QR code to quickly view Project or invite other participants to quickly import Project. is providing the Project with the necessary tools for payment success. Through our platform, the Project participants can better manage the project, avoid delays, facilitate payments, and prevent the filing of mechanic’s liens and encumbrances that may otherwise be avoidable.

Project transparency is key.

Project delays are an unfortunate reality for many construction projects. However, delays are often avoidable when the key Project participants are made aware of actual or expected delays on a timely basis.

  • Create and File a Notice of Delay
  • Project delay tracking

Project payment issues have doomed far too many construction projects. When a Project participant does not have the tools necessary to collect funds that are due and owing, the entire Project suffers. We not only provide the required tools, but we provide Project payment transparency.

  • Create and File a Notice of Disputed Work
  • Create and File a Preliminary Notice
  • Create and File a Demand Notice
  • Create and File a Lien Waiver and Release
  • Create and File a Payment Bond Claim
  • Project payment dispute tracking

All of the documents created and filed at are visible to all of the Project participants. This creates much needed Project transparency, facilitating the timely resolution of Project delays and disputes.

Visit and enter Project Registration Number CD-00-000-XXXXXX to get started today.

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