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[[ filer_company_name ]]

Notice by Project Participant

We will be Providing Labor, Materials, or Equipment for the Benefit of your Project.

This Notice is Provided by: [[ filer_company_name ]]

This Project is Located at: [[ project_location ]]

We are sending you this Notice so that you are aware of our presence on the Project.

It is our hope that added transparency as to the Project’s participants will better help you manage the project, avoid delays, and prevent the filing of mechanic’s liens and encumbrances that may otherwise be avoidable.

We were hired by: [[hiring_company_name]]

We will be providing the following labor, equipment, and materials: [[project_description]]

We hope that the project runs smoothly and that it is completed on time and within budget. With that having been said, [[ filer_company_name ]] reserves its right to file a mechanic’s lien and payment bond claim, if applicable, should we not be timely paid for the labor, materials, and equipment we render for the benefit of the Project.

As I am sure you are aware, payment disputes are a leading contributor to project delays, so it is our hope that the information provided to you in this Notice will help you better administer the Project.

Project transparency is key, and our ability to know and understand the Project participants will help ensure that we are timely paid, and that our work is delivered in accordance with our schedule.

If the Project Owner is not identified on the next page, please provide us with this information.

If the Prime Contractor is not identified on the next page, please provide us with the information of the entity that is serving this role.

If the Bonding Company that issued the payment bond covering the Project is not identified on the next page, please provide us with a copy of the payment bond and the name of the Bonding Company.

If the Construction Lender is not identified on the next page, please provide us with its name and address.

[[ filer_company_name ]]

Again, we are not requesting this information for the purpose of creating conflict on the Project. Much to the contrary, we are requesting this information to help avoid payment disputes that may result in Project delays.

Property Owner: [[project_owner_name]]

Prime Contractor: [[prime_contractor_name]]

Bonding Company: [[surety_name]]

Construction Lender: [[lender_name]]

Preliminary Notice sent to:

[[ filer_name ]] - [[filer_email]]

[[]] - [[]]

Reply to:

[[ filer_contact_line_1 ]]
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