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[[ filer_company_name ]]

Notice of Disputed Work

To: [[ contacts_display ]]

Filing Party: [[filer_company_name]]

Project Address: [[ project_location ]]

Dear Sir/Madam:

[[filer_company_name]] hereby notifies you that it is performing the following work under protest:


We have suffered loss, costs, expenses and damages as a direct result of the act(s) or omission(s) reported herein. These costs and damages will continue to accrue until the situation is eliminated. We request that a change order or other contract adjustments be issued to increase the contract value and the time of performance allowed for our work.



Signed by: [[filer_name]]

Signed on: [[signature_date]]

[[ filer_company_name ]]

Notice of Disputed Work sent to:

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Reply to:

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Construction Disputes, LLC
2202 Lexington Avenue,
Kansas City, MO 64124
Attention: [Insert Project Id]