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[[ filer_company_name ]]

Notice of Project Delay

To: [[ contacts_display ]]

Filing Party: [[filer_company_name]]

Project Address: [[ project_location ]]

Dear Sir/Madam:

[[filer_company_name]] hereby notifies you that its work on the Project is being delayed.

On [[delay_start_date|USDate]] the following condition occurred:


Due to the foregoing condition the performance and completion of our work is being delayed. The foregoing conditions are currently impacting the following items/operations and areas of work:


The extent of damages due to the foregoing conditions cannot be fully ascertained at this time. We reserve the right to supplement the information contained in this notice as information becomes available or should any other areas of its work and operations subsequently by affected by the conditions identified above.

Our work will continue to be impacted and delayed as long as this condition continues. We hereby request an extension of time for the performance of our work and we reserve the right to seek an adjustment to the contract sum in relation to the damages incurred.



Signed by: [[filer_name]]

Signed on: [[signature_date|USDate]]

[[ filer_company_name ]]

Notice of Delay sent to:

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Construction Disputes, LLC
2202 Lexington Avenue,
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Attention: [Insert Project Id]